One of my greatest interrest is to explore how to transfer data. It doesn’t matter if its ethernet, fibre, coax or wifi.

This article will give you an understand of how to transfer data through everything.



Wifi is ideal for long distance links with line of sight. Ubiquiti provides some really nice antennas for this purpose. AirFiber is interresting if you are professional and needs gigabit, but the Nanobeam AC/NanoStation M5 are also interresting units. You can provice really great throughput (450 mbit) utilizing these units.

Check the product here: https://www.ubnt.com/airmax/nanobeam-ac/

Another solution for air-transmission also exists Freespace Laser Optics (FSO). The solution consist of 2 lasers and 2 photo-sensors. It’s quite fast but requires that the lasers and photosensors are in line of sight at all times. The solutions are expensive, and is really sensitive to fog, snow and rain.

Check the product here: http://www.digitalairwireless.com/outdoor-wireless-networks/point-to-point-wireless/laser-fso-links/geodesy-fso-laser-links.html



Until reasently I didn’t even consider this as an option. I thought it would require too expensive equipment, because this actually is what cabletv-providers/coax-isp’s does. A new MoCA-protocol has apparantly been released – and bandwith goes up to 800 mbit through a standard antenna cable. And most surprisingly it’s even affordable. I noticed today, that Triax is making a product for 220V.

Check the product here: http://www.av-connection.dk/?Language=DK&PGr=6938&ML=1020



Powerline has become more and more popular. Zyxel is the market leader and is making some interresting units. Especailly the MIMO unit PLA5405 should perform really well..

Check the product here: http://www.zyxel.com/dk/da/products_services/pla5405.shtml?t=p



Fibre-cable is known to be the most stable link. Fiberconverters easyly provides 1 gbit with no problems.

Check the product here: http://www.tp-link.com/en/products/details/cat-4792_MC200CM.html


Feel free to comment, if you know other ways of transfering data. Portable-devices USB drives, Floppydisc, cd-roms etc. are not accepted as a suggestion.