I preorderd the HDTC-2EU for 2 years ago. Sadly the delivery-time got delayed and delayed. 2 weeks ago I got a mail from Proshop, which was telling me that they had given in receiving the unit. I told I didn’t expect them to deliver it. Because I was aware Silicondust didn’t release the unit yet. Anyway the cancel’ed my order.

I started googleing for alternatives and found out that Elgato had a solution really close to the HDTC-2EU named Elgato 4Sat – only difference was that the Elgato tuner was DVB-S/DVB-S2. Built into Elgato 4Sat was the h264-encoder. I therefore decided to write them a mail in hope to releas a 4Sat DVB-C version for the european market. I got a positive response, so hopefully they will do some magic. 🙂

EDIT 16/04/2015:

Fantastic news ! Elgato have just released a dvb-c tuner of the 4Sat-model as I wrote they should do. Now I’m just awaiting that they arrive in the danish shops – and it looks like being fairly soon: https://www.fcomputer.dk/hardware/grafikkort/elgato/eyetv-netstream-4c.html . The model is named Elgato EyeTV Netstream 4C – read all about it here: https://www.elgato.com/en/eyetv-netstream-4c – It’s amazing, that they actually did what Silicondust couldn’t do for years in just 1 month. I’m so happy I contacted their support-team.


I have been going deep into the transcoding progress – and have figured out that Fujitsu actual have been creating some nice transcoding LSI chips. Where the MB86M02-chip would be the most interresting chip. It seems that Fujitsu started a new joint venture with Panasonic named Socionext – which has the purpose of selling the invented hardware. You can read about the chips here: http://www.socionext.com/en/products/imaging/h264/ . So it seems that theirs no reason not to hope for a dvb-c network tuner with transcoding and dlna-support in the comming months/years.

But…. something has actually already happend. It seems that the newest sat-reciever (which supports dvb-c extension hards) from VU+ actually support hardware-transcoding. The modelnumber is named VU+ Duo2 and is quite pricey – and sadly the transcoding streaming functionality is not that well described.

Eventhough it seems possible that the device would fit my needs.. I would like to know some details before buying it. First I would like to know if it can transcode 2 streams at the same time. Second I would like to know how to tell the tuner which tuner to choose, if 2 tuners are installed (maybe a url-parameter can be specified?). I have been looking everywhere on google to find this – and it seems noone actually have been writing anything about this. It seems the URL is just an identifier-json-string for internal VU+ Duo2 usage.

So if you know something about how streams are handled through the VU+ Duo2 then please let me know 🙂