Eventhough I havn’t been able to get an officially deliverydate from Silicondust it seems that their design Company by mistake reveals the secret of when the HDTC-2EU will be comming here: http://henderson-design.com/project/hdhomerun-plus-hdtc-2eu/

I preordered my unit at Proshop may 2014 with a deliverydate stated to be 5th of september 2014. When I reached  1st of september I got a call from Proshop saying that the delivery wouldn’t be in time – and the new deliverydate would be in march. I contacted Silicondust-support, which told me, that Proshop shouldn’t have made the unit available for preorder – and they didn’t have any estimated delivery date yet. In hope to get a deliverydate for European stores I decided to ask in the HDHomeRun-Facebook-group – sadly noone have ever replied, eventhough we were 3 guys asking. Hopefully henderson-design’s delivery date is be trusted, which Means it will be an real awesome Christmas Present.