Maybe you have been facing the same problem as me, when trying to install teamviewer 9 on you Arch Linux distribution. The problem was quite weird. I installed teamviewer9 via Yaourt. Fixed some dependencys and reinstalled. After this I could open teamviewer 9, but I wouldn’t be able to login – and an error message in the bottom was saying: “No connection available – check connectivity”. I have been googling about it – and a dude said that he fixed some problems in Suse-linux by chmod 770 some files. This indicated a permission problem and I decided to download the tar.gz from teamviewer.com

I extracted the files in my home-dir and ran the ./tv-setup –checkdeps – everything was fine.

I then executed the teamviewer by ./teamviewer – and fun enough everything worked.

I then decided to copy everything from my home-folder/teamviever9-folder to /opt/teamviewer9 – expecting that everything now would work – since it worked in my home-folder. Apparently this made no difference. So I finally chown’ed the folder /opt/teamviewer9 to my home-user. And Woila – everything worked. It has been quite frustrating not having the possibility to run teamviewer9 for a few months – so I hope everyone reading this will benefit from reading my findings.