Think you have been setting your router up just right – but still cant connect to it from WAN.

This helped for me:

1) SSH into the router

2) Identify the pid of the httpd service with the command: ps | grep http

3) Kill the pid with the command: kill -9 <pid-number>

4) Change directory through the command: cd /etc/config

5) Start the service again through command: startservice httpd

6) Verify service is running again with the command: ps | grep http


Hopefully you should be able to connect to your router again now.

If IE9/IE10 complains about certificate and it doesnt work to click “Continue” then make sure that Internet Explorer are able to connect to 512 bit certificated sites by issueing the command certutil -setreg chain\minRSAPubKeyBitLength 512 as administrator in ms dos prompt. After this you should be able to access the dd-wrt without any problems.