I recently bought the Enjoy TV 310B from Geinatech on Ebay (Seller was located in UK – package came from Hong Kong – so I had to pay import tax – and it would have been alot cheeper to buy the device directly from a hongkong-shop). My goal was to explore the functionalitys Android provides on mobilephones – just on tv. And I must say, that the little white Icehockey “Puck” really have some balls. First I tryed the main functionalitys of Android 4. Browser, Mail, Calendar and ofc. Angry Birds to check the hardware acceleration in games. Everything worked like a sharm except some troubles with the wireless network keep going online and offline – a cable fixed this issue. I thought I would explore even more – and figured out that the XBMC team have been releaseing an android version of XBMC. Wow – I downloaded the XBMC apk-package, which worked right from the beginning. I was happy – and installed my favourite tv-plugin: Revision3 – which provides a tech/hack-show named hak5. I went into the shows and clicked one of them. Sadly the video wasnt playing well – the video stopped and the lag was terrible. I decided to google the issue and figured that XBMC didnt support the gpu MALI 400 yet. I googled a bit further and figured out that Pivos XS DS – a very similar device with almost same chipsets – was bundled with XBMC. I thought that it would be fun to install the XBMC-version from the Pivos XS DS on my device and see if it worked. So I found a working link on Pivosforums – and downloaded the XBMC apk for the Pivos XS DS. I installed it to my Enjoy TV 310B – and did same test with the revision3 plugin – but now the video was playing smooth without any problems. My advide for buyers of the Enjoy TV 310B is to use the Pivos XS DS version until the real XBMC-version supports the MALI-400 chipset.

Happy XBMC’ing on your Enjoy TV 310B