I have during the last few years been deploying quite a few Ubiquiti antennas – which has been performing really great over 1 km and has been really satisfiering. The two radios I have been deploying are Ubiquiti Pico-station M2 (with external antennas) and Ubiquiti Nano-station M5. The radios are performing okey – which means that the M2-chain is performing with around 40 mbit duplex (1×1 chain – which means a max of 150 mbit half duplex). And the Nano-Station are performing with 90 mbit full duplex (could run 150/150 – but I decided to decrease bandwidth to 90/90 mbit in order to achive less jitter and more stability). Anyway the jitter part has been the biggest problem – especially with video-streaming. I therefore went to ubiquiti’s webpage http://ubnt.com – where I noticed some new AC-products which sounds really promising.

The one of the upgrades was the new Rocket AC. The old rocket was a 2×2 radio with 2 external-antenna terminals. The radio has never been in my interrest – mostly because the only external antenna setup I have been running is 2.4 ghz. The primary upgrade going from the Rocket to the Rocket AC is the fact that the AC standard now makes the radios capable of 450 mbit half duplex.

The second of the upgrades was the new Nanobeam AC – which is more interresting to me. Mostly because I have noticed way better performance with radios with integrated directoral antennas. And these antennas would therefore upgrade my existing setups. But as written above my biggest concern isn’t bandwith – more stability and quality. Therefor its really interresting that Ubiquiti now have released new chip-technology named AirPrism. Ubiquity claim that AirPrism improves latency and¬†noise-immunity. The only reason I’m a bit sceptical about AirPrism is that I faced some troubles with AirMax some other Ubitquiti-technology, which actually just added latency to my point2point setup. Later on I figured out that AirMax made most sense if you deployed more radios on same frequency in the same tower, which wasn’t my scenario. Anyway – the new AC technology sounds compealing – and I might in future deploy some of these new nanobeam “motherfuckers” ūüôā

The AirFibre-products also have been upgraded, but sadly these units¬†are too expensive for my budget – and too big to deploy on a regular house. They are however nice indeed (1.4 gbit) – and if I never go’ to buy a¬†Ferrari – then the money might be well spend. ūüėČ Read more about the new awesome products on Ubiquiti’s webpage:¬†http://www.ubnt.com/airmax/airmax-ac/

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