A new awesome networktuner is soon shipping from Silicondust. The tuner is a part of a new series of tuners, which have tc instead of hr in the modelnumber. Where HR was stranding for high resolution, the TC stands for transcode. The new modelnumber of the HdHomerun Plus is therefore HDTC-2EU for the European market and HDTC-2US for the US market. The awesome thing about this tuner compared to earlyer models is the transcoding. Where older models only had the mpeg2 stream to send to recievers the new tc- models are able to transcode the mpeg2 stream into mpeg4 h264. The high compression on h264 makes the tuner much better in wireless environments, since the design of h264 – which is less prone to packet jitter etc. This should make it possible to stream tv through dlna in wireless point2point setups, which is known to cause problems with the mpeg2 streams. I have already preordered mine.. – And can’t await the pick-up. Maybe you also should preorder yours 🙂


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